«Sokolniki» park     from 14.06.2012 to 24.06.2012

The Festival abroad

The forefather of the Festival of National Czech Cuisine is the Czech Beer Festival well known throughout Europe.

This year is the 5th anniversary of the Beer Festival which is traditionally held in Czech Republic. The Beer Festival is celebrated with much eclat: more than 10 thousand people at once can be present at the occasion; 70 types of beer are presented there; meals are cooked by chefs from famous Czech restaurants and more than 200 young girls and boys are catering for this event.

The Czech Beer Festival never left beer and food lovers from abroad indifferent so its popularity grew tenfold for the recent years. Many foreigners came to Czech Republic alone or in groups to take part in this grand event.

In 2012 The Czech Beer Festival will be held not only in Czech Republic but also in ten cities of other countries:

Berlin: Alexanderplatz – from June 8, 2012 to June 17, 2012

Moscow: Sokolniki – from June 21, 2012 to July 1, 2012

Dortmund: Friedensplatz – from July 6, 2012 to July 16, 2012

Stockholm: Kingspark – from July 10, 2012 to July 15, 2012

Yalta: July 2012

Nuremberg: Jakobsplatz – August 2012

Cologne: Schokoladen Muzeum – August-September 2012

Hamburg: August-September 2012

Frankfort on the Main: Rossmarkt – from September 7, 2012 to September 16, 2012

Dresden: Altmarkt – from June 8, 2012 to June 17, 2012

Neuss - from August 3, 2012 to August 12, 2012

This year Moscow citizens will have the possibility to become a part of the Festival without covering a thousand miles for that purpose.